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138 point checklist

(Download the full Word document HERE)


Services available?     Gas   Y/N     Hydro   Y/N     Water   Y/N     Sewer   Y/N
Is lot serviced?  ie.   Are water shut off & sewer lateral in?     Y/N
Septic tank & tile bed?     Y/N         Type of Soil?_______________________________
Is it original soil?     Y/N      Contaminated soil?     Y/N
Do you need a well?  Y/N     Cistern?   Y/N     Size of cistern_______________________
How far back from the road do you want to build?_______________________________
Does it need a culvert or curb cut?     Y/N______________________________________
Is the lot flat?     Y/N          How much slope?____________________   Walkout?     Y/N
Do you want stairs from back yard to basement?     YN

Any easements?     Y/N        Hydro,  sewers,  natural gas,  oil?    Y/N
Zoning:   Residential,   Agricultural,  Other?____________________________________
Setbacks:   Front_______’, Rear______’, Side_______’,     Max.  lot coverage_______%
How was lot created?____________________   Is it a testamentary lot?    Y/N
Have the park dedication fees been paid?       Y/N
Is it a plan of subdivision?   Y/N          Plan No._________________________________
Is there a real property report    (Lot survey)?     Y/N
Is there a Grading Plan?     Y/N    Engineer plan for service?     Y/N
Within jurisdiction of the Conservation Authority?     Y/N
Within jurisdiction of Niagara Escarpment Committee?     Y/N
Development Charges  -  Regional $         Municipal $


Brick, vinyl siding, stucco, cement board?___________________________________
Building stone, cultured stone or field stone front?     Y/N
Brick quoined corners? Y/N  Soldier course over garage door?  Y/N  
Aluminum corners, trim or freeze board?     Y/N          Louvers?     Y/N
Stone house number?     Y/N     Shutters?     Y/N     How many pair?________________
Preference for type of roof?     Asphalt,     Steel,     Cedar _________________________
Preference for type of asphalt shingle?   3 in 1,   Other ___________________________
Is front porch concrete or wood?______________ Painted railings?     Y/N
Is there a fruit cellar under the front porch?     Y/N
Size of garage and garage door frame(s)?     9’ x 7’        16’ x 7’
Windows in garage door?     Y/N     Garage door opener(s)?     Y/N     1 or 2
Paint interior of garage?     Y/N          Insulate garage?     Y/N
Do you want stairs from garage into basement (wood)?     Y/N
Rear -  Wood deck?     Y/N     Concrete Patio?     Y/N     size ______’ x ______’
Covered patio?     Y/N____________                              Roof Slope?/12


Height of ceilings?    8’,  9’,  10’    _________________________________________
Any vaulted or tray ceilings?     Y/N _________________________________________
Columns?     Y/N_____________  Door archways trimmed with wood?     Y/N
Is trim painted or stained? __________     Style of trim?__________________________
Size of trim  (casing & baseboard)?  _________________________________________
Kind of wood?  Paint grade pine,  oak, other?       ______________________________
Mutton bars between glass?   Front,  all,  none?_________________________________
All vinyl windows or wood with vinyl clad  exterior_____________________________
Any windows to have obscure glass?     Y/N
French Doors?     Y/N
Built-in bookshelves,  cabinets, etc.?     Y/N__________________________________
Doors:  Painted moulded panel doors or stained wood doors?
Kind of Wood?___________________________________________________
Door handles:   knob or lever style?_________________________________________
Stairs are they carpeted?   Y/N     Stained Oak    Y/N___________________________
Stairs are to be made of:     Pine,  Oak  or Maple_______________________________
Stringers   (sides painted or stained?_________________________________________
Spindles:   painted or stained wood or wrought iron?____________________________
Curved,  winder,  landing or straight? _______________________________________
Door & landing in basement     Y/N      Door at top of stairs?     Y/N

Basement stairs finished?   Y/N   Explain:____________________________________





What rooms are hardwood, ceramic, carpet, laminate or lino?



Kind of cupboards?  Stained wood or painted?_____________________________
Kind of counter top?    Arborite,  granite or other?_____________________________
Combo Microwave/hood fan over stove in kitchen?   Y/N
Chimney hood?   Y/N   Stainless Steel or Wood?


Laundry Room in basement or on main floor?____________________________
Laundry tub to be stainless steel or poly?____________________________________
Extra poly laundry tub in basement?   Y/N
What kind of fixtures and in what washrooms?    For example:
Showers   (3’,  4’, 5’  & neo-angle),  5’ one piece tub & shower,
Whirlpool,  air tub,  soak tubs,  claw foot,  etc.
Main Bathroom:________________________________________________________
Two pc.  Powder room:__________________________________________________
Basement washroom:  Rough-in only or complete?____________________________
Is sewage ejector required for basement?  Y/N


Gas high efficiency furnace?   Y/N     Propane?   Y/N     Oil?   Y/N
Electric furnace?   Y/N            Electric hot water tank?   Y/N
Rental Gas hot water tank?   Y/N      Oil hot water tank?   Y/N
Air Conditioning?   Y/N         Electronic air cleaner?   Y/N
Heat Recovery ventilation system?   Y/N       Humidifier?   Y/N


100  or  200 amp.? __________   Underground or overhead? _________________
Switches & Plugs  style – Decora or regular?__________________________________
Pot lights?   Y/N      Location? _____________________________________________
Under cabinet lighting in Kitchen?    Y/N
Special needs regarding electrical wiring?     I.e.  Ark welding?    Y/N
Basement freezer?   Y/N           2nd fridge?   Y/N        Plug for woodworking?   Y/N


Do you want drywall taped?   Y/N      Painted?   Y/N


Wood burning fireplace?   Y/N     Chimney for brick hearth?   Y/N
Gas fireplace?   Y/N     Gas line for B.B.Q.   Y/N      Dryer?   Y/N
Gas stove?   Y/N     Hot plate?   Y/NBuilt in Oven?   YN
Central vacuum system completed?   Y/N        Mini rough-in?   Y/N  or
Completed rough-in?   Y/N
Alarm system completed?   Y/N      Rough-in?   Y/N
Sauna?   Y/N     Garborator?   Y/N     Safe?   Y/N     Sod?   Y/N


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